Quick Guide For Setting Up Your TOWNEW

Important Safety Instructions

  1. For indoor use only. If you want to put TOWNEW under a desk or sink, please make sure that there is a 35cm distance above TOWNEW and a 10cm distance besides TOWNEW so that the lid sensor won’t be triggered and keep the lid open all the time.
  2. Do not place near a heat source, rinse it, or soak it in water. Here’s how to clean your TOWNEW.
  3. Do not close the lid manually with your hand. In Auto-sensing mode, the lid will be closed after your hand is removed from the sensor zone. In Open-lid mode, touch the button once to close the lid.
  4. Do not use an unauthorized battery and power adaptor.
  5. Do not overload with too much trash.
  6. During sealing, do not open the lid.
  7. Turn off the power if TOWNEW is not used for a long time.

For more details, please read on the printed user manual.

After unboxing, make sure to fully charge your TOWNEW for 10 hours. For maintenance, it is recommended to charge your TOWNEW once a week.

Product Introduction

Townew Product Introduction Diagram

Setting Up Your TOWNEW 

Turn on your TOWNEW and then install the refill ring as shown below.

Townew How To Change The Refill Ring Diagram

That’s it! Your TOWNEW is now ready for use.

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