Can I Use Regular Trash Bags With TOWNEW?

The TOWNEW trash bag has a distinctive shape to enable the self-sealing and self-replacing features to work. Therefore, you will have to use TOWNEW liner refill ring. Here’s the shape of the bag inside the refill ring.

TOWNEW Refill Ring Material Video
To change the refill ring is really easy, just drop it in, and you’re good to go. Each refill ring will give you up to 25 liners and each filled bag can hold up to 3 kg (6 lbs). The TOWNEW bag is only available in black color, and there won’t be a clear bag available because the sensor cannot work properly on a clear bag.
We  do not recommended to use regular trash bags. The reason is that even though you can install regular trash bags or grocery bags, but you will lose the self-sealing and self-changing features. And, that would turn your TOWNEW into an ordinary motion trash can.

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