Each Refill Ring Contains Up To 25 Bags, What Does That Mean?

The TOWNEW trash bag has a distinctive shape to enable the self-sealing and self-reloading features to work. Here’s the shape of the bag inside the refill ring.

TOWNEW has 2 sealing types, including the Regular Sealing that will seal for about 4-gallon bag size, and Overflow Sealing that can seal overflowing trash without any leak. During Overflow Sealing, TOWNEW will lift up its top compartment to release more bags material to fully seal the overflowing trash as shown below.

Townew Overload Video

Each refill ring contains 25 4-gallon-size bags, but when TOWNEW does Overflow Sealing, it will release more bag materials. As a result, it will decrease the bag counts in each refill ring. Therefore, we don’t say 25 bags per ring because the more often the Overflow Sealing is used, the less the number of bags will be counted in each refill ring. That is the meaning behind “up to 25 bags in each refill ring”.

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