Failed To Seal The Bag, It Just Beeps In Sequence And Doesn’t Seal

Most likely the sealing failed because your TOWNEW is in low battery. Please try to plug your TOWNEW into the power outlet and then try to seal the bag again. If you want to keep your TOWNEW battery-powered, please fully charge your TOWNEW for 10 hours, and then try to seal the bag again. 
If the problem remains, please  complete our RMA form and provide us with the following information. 
1. A video that shows your TOWNEW failed to seal the bag.
2. Photo of the label in the bottom part of your TOWNEW.
3. The serial number on the bottom of the trash can. Please see the picture below to see the location of the serial number.
Townew Trash Serial Number Location On White Background
4. Your proof of purchase, address, and phone number. 

Still can’t find an answer? Send us a ticket and we will get back to you.

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