What Makes TOWNEW Different From Other Trash Cans?

TOWNEW's Innovative Design Is Engineered To Seal & Reload The Trash Bag For You. Finally, a cleaner way to deal with your trash........

TOWNEW is engineered to seal and reload the trash bag for you – so you don’t have to…..
Admit it, trash is gross. The smell, that icky buildup, and don’t even get us started on the liquid that seems to self-generate…garbage juice, it’s just gross. So if you could avoid smelling it, touching it, replacing bags and dealing with the whole process, wouldn’t you?

How Does It Work?
All you have to do is hold the touch button, and grab the trash bag once the sealing is complete. Once you’ve removed the sealed bag, the lid will close and automatically reload a new trash bag in place. Yes, it’s that easy! No leaks, no stink, no mess. 

Advanced Sealing Technology
Once the trash bag is full, hold the button for 3 seconds and our built-in thermoplastic sealing technology will automatically seal the trash bag inside to guarantee no spilling or exposure to any bad odour. TOWNEW self-sealing is designed to be moisture and water-resistant. This is to ensure that no matter how harsh the environment around the trash can, the sealing will still work perfectly.

Reloading Technology

With one touch, TOWNEW automatically pulls a new trash bag into place. 

Advanced Infrared Sensing Lid

The latest sensor technology ensure the lid opens softly with a swipe of a hand or will detect movement and approaching objects from the distance of up to 35 cm and automatically pop open the lid. When you want the lid to stay open, touch the button once to activate the open-lid mode. Touch the button once again to deactivate the open-lid mode. 

Odour Protection
Our sealing technology keeps any smells or scents are secured inside guaranteeing no exposure to any unpleasant odours.

Overload Feature
Detects when the trash can is too full, lifting the whole top compartment so it can seal the bag, guaranteeing you no spillage. All you have to do is take the bag and toss it.

Easy To Install Refill Ring
TOWNEW refill rings are built with recyclable material. Each refill ring contains up to 25 durable trash bags, so each ring will last for approximately one month. To replace the empty refill ring, simply remove and drop the new one into place.

Rechargeable Battery

Powered by a 2000 mAh battery, TOWNEW gives a long-lasting battery life with a full charge that will last for a month. 

Modern Design

The design of the TOWNEW trash can is simple with a modern touch inspired to fit the need for every room. The exterior is built with ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) material, an engineering-grade plastic that has a high resistant to chemical, impact and electrical insulation. It can also withstand humidity and different temperatures. TOWNEW’s innovative design and engineering was recognized as a CES2020 Innovation Award Honoree in the Home Appliances category.

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